The Clock Who Refused to Tell Time

Stories are wonderful because they can be interpreted in so many ways. From books to movies, music to paintings. Everything is art with its own story to tell – you just have to be willing to listen. In Tick Tock: The Clock Who Refused to Tell Time, there are a variety of hidden meanings. ItContinue reading “The Clock Who Refused to Tell Time”

The Last Catalyst: Chapter One

Walking home from school is my favorite part of the day. It is the only time where no one is bothering me, no one is talking to me; I can simply put my headphones in and forget about my abysmal life here for a bit. Magiahortus is where I am from, and unlike this WorldContinue reading “The Last Catalyst: Chapter One”

Life is Fragile and so are Bones

Have you ever jumped over the back of a couch and broken both your legs? Welcome to my life. To be precise, I snapped and dislocated four bones in my right ankle, as well as snapped and dislocated a bone in my left foot. Yep. Both legs down for the count – literally. You mightContinue reading “Life is Fragile and so are Bones”