I see people who want to help,

like, I’ve always tried.

Now though I realize,

how you help is what matters.

People don’t need my judgment.

My perfect words & idealizations.

To be told to be better,

that they need to change.

To be someone else.

To be more like this.

To think this and not that.

To feel shame in themselves.

That can’t be the way.

What if I listen.

What if I learn,

and try to understand.

We may find how we’re similar,

and not how we’re different.

I can’t force change through shame.

That’s not how it’s made.

Loving and helping others.

Despite the biases and hate.

Let compassion shine through.

Maybe that’s what the world needs.

That we can still love,

even those full of hate.

Not judging.

Not angry.

But as people.


Showing the change,

is who I want to be.

Published by hbcatherine91

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