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Colors of a Child

In honor of Pride Month – here is a poem I wrote almost a decade ago to challenge and question biased thoughts. What do you do if your child comes out? You love them. ​I like the color pink.But I like blue too.My father told me I needed to think.I said think about who?He rolledContinue reading “Colors of a Child”

Racing Mind

Shifting through my thoughts Trying to reach for just one But they race too fast And come spilling out my mouth. I apologize And attempt to let you know That I make more sense On days that I am prepared. Days I dream too fast My mind wonders fitfully I can’t concentrate And my eyesContinue reading “Racing Mind”

Pieces of a Picture

Sometimes, all you need to do is take the time to see the whole picture. All through life, you are continuously trying to put it together, looking independently for each piece. Searching. That is all you do. You spend the entirety of your being looking for the pieces of the larger work – but doContinue reading “Pieces of a Picture”


What is wrong with this life, this world filled with hate.Is it something to continue, should this be our fate?When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?Can you look deep, to who you should be. Look beyond, into the pits of your soul.Can’t you see, it has taken its tole.A society,Continue reading “Choices”

Bitchin Witching (Part 2)

Zena’s father, Xavier, pondered over the repercussions of his daughter’s visit to the woods last night. The fact that he was thinking this clearly meant that they had not forgotten about him nor the bargain he’d made. He did not remember telling his daughter about the plant, which only meant they had intervened, and heContinue reading “Bitchin Witching (Part 2)”

Bitchin Witching (Part 1)

Zena looked around the forest at her surroundings and took in the remnants of the fleeing villagers that had thought this was a haven. She sighed and shook her head, making the sign of The Moon across her chest before walking onward. The leaves of the trees shrieked above, warning her of the night toContinue reading “Bitchin Witching (Part 1)”


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