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The Musings of a Modern Millennial

Night Bird

They croon for the dusk A chirp to welcome the shift Cawing to those nigh They chime welcomes and farewells Their own sense of time Twilight signals what’s to come Nightfall imminent Cautioning to lull their shrieks


There once was a story about a girl. She continued to grow, and nothing could stop her. Her family would try, yet nothing could be done. Not books on her head or weights on her legs. Growing and growing until…

The Clock Who Refused to Tell Time

Stories are wonderful because they can be interpreted in so many ways. From books to movies, music to paintings. Everything is art with its own story to tell – you just have to be willing to listen. In Tick Tock:…

Wordle the Turtle

My name is Wordle. No, I am not a curved pipe. I am just your average turtle and my mom thought naming me Wordle would be fun. Wordle the turtle. My friends joke about my name, but I love it…


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