Now that I’m older

As a kid,

I’d forget how to speak.

My feet turned to lead,

when I’d nervous sweat at nothing.

My mind on mute, letting it ring.

The thoughts moved too fast,

and my actions too slow.

As a teenager,

I was angry and loud.

No time to ask why or how.

Now, I had a reason to sweat.

Training my brain to what it meant.

It made my thoughts slow,

and my actions fast.

As a young adult,

I found that I was funny and fierce.

It allowed me to move past my fear,

towards who I thought I was meant.

My mind said – be perfect –

with heavy thoughts bearing down.

Do it all, and do it all, right now.

As an adult,

I know I’m all the things I’ve been.

Carried by the strength I’d hidden,

I wield the flaws I wanted to lack.

To ease my mind back,

and let those thoughts flow.

It’s okay to allow myself to grow.

Published by hbcatherine91

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