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The Musings of a Modern Millennial

Bitchin Witching (Part 2)

Zena’s father, Xavier, pondered over the repercussions of his daughter’s visit to the woods last night. The fact that he was thinking this clearly meant that they had not forgotten about him nor the bargain he’d made. He did not remember telling his daughter about the plant, which only meant they had intervened, and heContinue reading “Bitchin Witching (Part 2)”

Bitchin Witching (Part 1)

Zena looked around the forest at her surroundings and took in the remnants of the fleeing villagers that had thought this was a haven. She sighed and shook her head, making the sign of The Moon across her chest before walking onward. The leaves of the trees shrieked above, warning her of the night toContinue reading “Bitchin Witching (Part 1)”

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