New Girl

I’m not the girl I used to be 
A little less naïve 
More of a closed book 
I used to be so open 
And trusting of the world 
But it tore me down year by year 
Trying to make me forget 
The empathy inside of me

I’ve been cheated on & lied to
Stolen from & torn down 
But that isn’t who I am 
That isn’t who I wanna be 
I’ve had kindness & forgiveness 
Built up from the world 
It makes me remember 
To never have regrets 

The darkness will always come 
It’s up to me to grow 
I can’t blame it on the others 
For what’s inside of me 
It’s a challenge I am going to reach 
Be better through it all 
And remember the light and warmth 
That we all need to withdraw

Published by hbcatherine91

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