Wordle the Turtle

My name is Wordle. No, I am not a curved pipe. I am just your average turtle and my mom thought naming me Wordle would be fun.

Wordle the turtle.

My friends joke about my name, but I love it because I love rhyming. Maybe I was born into the love with the birth of my name, but no matter, because I like things that rhyme. It makes the world less lame – like my name.

Throw me a good pun and I call that great fun.

Now, as a turtle. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to chat because we discuss things too slowly. That is okay though. It gives me time to think. My brain moves quicker than my mouth. Which I think is a good thing. Or else, I would say everything I thought.

It keeps my brain a bit more sane.

Could you imagine if I said everything I thought? What a world that would be for a turtle. So, I think I will stick with my name and be tame about it. I am a turtle after all. Floating comes before anything. That, and being cautious.

I love to rhyme because its something that is mine. Ha! Thought I’d stop on the dime with a perfect rhyme? Oh drat.

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