Am I Enough

Am I enough?

It is a question I used to wrestle with.

During the nights I felt alone,

And the days I did too little.

When the pressure got too much,

And the days blurred together.

My family always distant, 

With my friends so far away. 

Am I enough?

I’d ask as I tried to do more.

As I reached out my hand,

And hoped they’d take it. 

When I stared at the wall, 

I’d make up worlds I wished I’d had,

And adventurers with hearts of steel.

Writing what I needed.

Am I enough?

When the words got too hard,

And the stories too much.

I used to wonder.

When will my thoughts slow,

And the memories shine.

So, I waited and waited.

Until I knew it was time.

Published by hbcatherine91

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