A Little About Me

My name is HB. I find the write words so you can say what you mean in a coherent, articulated, and creative way that will accurately represent you and your business. I collect hobbies as a hobby and enjoy a wide array of things. I am an SEO specialist and content writer but I have also been a barista, bartender, librarian, and park ranger.

I am available for freelance and independent contract gigs of the following: Content writing (technical, informational, creative), ghostwriting, editing/proofreading, SEO, integrated marketing, and web design. If you are seeking me for hire, please use the form below with your preferred rate or barter and an overview of the services you are looking for.

I have written two books. My YA fantasy, The Last Catalyst, can be purchased online at most major retailers or check a location near you by clicking the book below. My novel from 2015, Falling Star, can no longer be purchased except through resellers.

Go to Moxie Magazine for more of my creative writing. If you are inquiring about my technical and informational writing, SEO, or Integrated Marketing portfolio – request a digital portfolio from me!

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