What is wrong with this life, this world filled with hate.
Is it something to continue, should this be our fate?
When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?
Can you look deep, to who you should be.

Look beyond, into the pits of your soul.
Can’t you see, it has taken its toll.
A society, who cares more about a book.
Than even choosing to take a second look.

At the people who care more if I marry a he, or a she…

Than at the concept of love and acceptance.
But to cry for the penance. 
They would rather just blindly follow, than to open their mind.
To look to the future, instead of always to remind.

We need to extend our reach, lend up our hands.
Look to the kindness we lost, let us stop these reprimands. 
Choose to be the difference this world needs to see.
Stop killing, stop judging, then just maybe…

Things could get better, a reflection so clear.

This, something that we all need to hear.

Published by hbcatherine91

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