The Lifelong Battle

I knew it was true

When I felt the same

Breaking my legs

As I did when I smiled

I thought happiness would come

If I achieved it all

But it never felt right

And nothing was wrong

I was troubled

After a decade of chasing

It was all in my mind

I said I was better

I felt less

Like it should be more

Because I was happy

But I wasn’t

I couldn’t tell 

My loved ones this

Maybe I could show

But no

I dont want this 

To make them feel less

Because I cant be more

Do it for them

I can’t let it out

Is what my mind told 

Until it couldn’t 

And I knew I had to try

I wanted denial

But I needed my truth

Depression is real

And it’s no ones fault

I didnt want to feel alone

Not anymore

To wrestle my mind 

Day by day and night after night 

I face them now

And hold on tight

A fight to win 

No matter what

Published by hbcatherine91

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