Pieces of a Picture

Sometimes, all you need to do is take the time to see the whole picture.

All through life, you are continuously trying to put it together, looking independently for each piece.

Searching. That is all you do.

You spend the entirety of your being looking for the pieces of the larger work – but do you ever take the time to step back and see how many you have collected?

You see, it was never incomplete. The pieces have always fit together, perfectly.

Since, the time you collected that first piece – it was done.

Yet, you never took the time to look while you were searching.

Searching after that first piece, never taking the time to see.

Truly see, that you had spent so much time searching for all the pieces of that puzzle, you forgot to look at what you already had.

See that your picture was not in fact incomplete, but progressing, continuously being added to.

For life is perspective.

You can either spend your entire life searching for every piece before you take a step back to appreciate what you have become, that picture you have spent your life putting together. Or you can take the time to appreciate every piece as you put it together.

What will you choose?

Will you continue to strive, never having done enough, never fully appreciating what is put in front of you at this moment? Living in angst, wondering when your time will come; when can you step back and be content?


Step back and realize you are already complete.

The time is now.

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