Wake me up when September ends.

This year didn’t quite go the way I expected it to, but I suppose, that was the case for most of us. 2020 was going to be the year that I traveled to market my book and company, it was mandatory as it was in my ten year plan. Yet, life doesn’t care about our plans and this year veered to the left with my shattered hopes. The positive is that it gave me time to think about what direction I really wanted to go, so broken my hopes may have been, I believe the up-cycled masterpiece I created from those pieces is far superior.

That is the way life is, throwing things at us that we can and can’t take, but ultimately leading us to better versions of who we were yesterday. Whether it be through a world-changing pandemic or other forms of chaotic trauma we learn to endure as the years trickle by.

Don’t get me wrong, it is much harder to find the positive in the downtrodden, but it keeps it interesting. We are becoming so goal-oriented as a society that it is easy to get lost in the business of what can be and never finding happiness in what is. We continue to aspire for more and more, forgetting ourselves in what we believe we must achieve to be content. This year has given us the time to live in the now and reevaluate our needs of yesterday. Do we choose to mindlessly strive for the ever distancing chance of this “true fulfillment”, or should we find happiness in the everyday? No matter the gains.

That is a question I wrestle with, one that I knew to be in the back of my mind. The expectations I’ve placed on myself writhing in the tornado I’d created from just a gust of passing breeze. Have I forgotten the joys of the everyday in my constant search for a better me? Was life not supposed to better you throughout time, why was I chasing this epic destiny I’d planned?

For I realized, you cannot plan a destined path because that is not true fulfillment, your destiny will find you. So change with the wind and let yourself drift in the currents, letting the tumultuous gusts blow alongside you. There you will what you have been looking for.

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